Manupatra App is an online legal research tool which gives you instant access to an entire set of Indian and International case laws, and acts on your mobile. Whether you are researching whilst your commute, in court, in session to check your opponent’s case or working at an off-site client meeting; Manupatra’s apps gives you the most comprehensive collection of legal information at the tip of your fingers.

Manupatra offers both, Manupatra Web App and Manupatra Mobile App, and ensures seamless integration between web and mobile.

  • Web App:

Manupatra Web App is an internet-enabled app that is accessible via your mobile device’s web browser. It is device neutral and has cross-platform compatibility. The need to download applications is absent as the app resides on Manupatra’s servers. It does not need to be updated, thus, does not take up your phone memory. Our Web App is compatible across all platforms including Android, iOS, Windows OS and Blackberry.

Manupatra online subscribers get complimentary access to the App. Subscribers use the same Manupatra login and password to access the library on their mobile device.

To access the Web App, simply:

1. Visit on your device’s browser,

2. Enter your log in details, and

3. Click into our database with full access to our content, functionality, features and tools that the Manupatra native apps provide.

Save space and time. Bring power to your research.

  • Manupatra Mobile App:

Manupatra subscribers can download our Mobile App from supported app stores. It is a multi-platform app which our users can use to access Manupatra, anytime, anywhere from their Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry mobile devices.

Our Free Apps

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  • Manupatra Bare Acts App
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  • Code of Civil Procedure
  • Code of Criminal Procedure