Online legal database and Manupatra Subscription Plans:

We understand your needs- which is why, we has tailored our legal and business subscription plans (Modules) to suit your convenience and research requirements. Our exhaustive database covers legal and business content including:

  • Case laws of Supreme Court
  • Case laws of all Indian High Courts
  • Orders of 32 tribunals and commissions
  • Notification and circulars issued by the Government of India
  • Central bare acts
  • Ordinances and bills
  • State acts
  • State Notifications
  • Practice area modules on subjects such as anti-dumping, arbitration, cyber and IT laws, forex and banking, corporate laws, capital market, direct taxation, environment, human rights, etc.
  • Legal committee reports
  • Commentaries
  • Statutory forms, draft agreements, deeds, stamp duty, court fees, court rules, suit validation
  • Legal articles, court calendars, legal dictionary
  • Extensive International database covering International case laws from the US, the UK, Australia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, Hong Kong

Accessing reliable and well-referenced legal documents has always been a tough task. Not many sources are available around where you could find help for your legal research and analysis. Thus, in the absence of legal materials, any legal research is bound to fail causing you a lot of problems in the process. Manupatra is aware of the value well-referenced and easily accessible legal database provides to people across social spectrums.

We also understand the time and energy wasted in doing legal research where the major task always remains gathering of information and material. We are here to bridge that gap as we’re a leading legal database provider where anyone can have means to access content online with ease. All the content we bring is hyperlinked and cross-referenced so that the desired level of speed and accuracy is achieved.

Manupatra offers a great depth and breadth with Indian legal database so that users never face problems at any stage of their research and analysis. We offer suitable subscription plans so that accessing the content remains as easy and cost-effective as it should be. We have tailored the plans so that your research requirements are met with ease. With an exhaustive database, we cover every legal and business facet required by users.

Our database covers case laws of Supreme Court, case laws of all Indian all Indian High Courts and orders of 32 tribunals and commissions. Users can also expect our Indian legislation database to also include notification and circulars issued by the Government of India. In addition, the database also includes bills & ordinances, central bare acts, state acts, state notifications and legal committee reports.

In addition, our legal information database can be accessed for content for a variety of subjects, including cyber and IT laws, corporate laws, capital market, forex and banking, human rights and much more. Among other things, it also includes legal articles, legal dictionary and court calendars. Not only India, but our database also covers international case laws from a number of countries from across the globe.

Quite clearly, our legal information resource database is in-depth, reliable and exhaustive – something that can help users from across different domains including education, law, industry etc. In addition, we have delivery capabilities in print, electronic media and mobile devices. You can benefit from the database, gain results quickly and efficiently and add value to your legal research.

You can access our online legal research database by just availing a simple subscription plan suiting your needs perfectly. So, benefit from our reliable database and add a new dimension to your legal research.

Now, we also provide a minimum discount of 50% to purchase an additional license. To avail our Manupatra additional license, please call our representatives or reach us at for more details with regard to license and subscription plans.