Manupatra publishes four Law Journals:

  • Manupatra Intellectual Property Report (MIPR): A comprehensive resource for IPR information, news and views from India and across the globe.
  • Competition Law Reports (CompLR): A monthly journal on Competition Laws featuring articles, new developments worldwide, national and international news and notes on international cases.
  • Chartered Accountant Practice Journal (CAPJ): An exclusive monthly journal useful for Chartered Accountants, Corporate and Legal Professionals.
  • Energy Law Reports (ELR): India’s first exclusive journal on Energy Laws covering Orders and Judgments of the Supreme Court, High Courts and Appellate Tribunal for Electricity (APTEL). Manupatra is the authorized agency for publishing Orders of APTEL.

Each journal has 11 issues (except CAPJ, which publishes 12 copies) that are published over the period of one year, from January to December.

Print subscribers get a login ID to access the journal online.

Manupatra understands the time and energy wasted in legal research and analysis. We are also aware of the fact that more than anything else, searching and finding legal information remains the most cumbersome task in legal research. We therefore help people access content with ease to add depth to their research. We provide access to a wide variety of content from legal domain, including law journal, to ensure easy access to well-referenced information and materials to users.

Aiming to bring efficiency, speed and accuracy with legal research, we ensure that all our legal content is cross-referenced and hyperlinked. Apart from publishing law journal, we have been proving legal academic content on corporate law, taxation, business policy and litigant resources. Our delivery capabilities are in print, electronic and mobile world and we are also regarded for having the most comprehensive online legal research database.

Apart from providing Indian content, we also cover case laws from a number of countries from all parts of the world. Further, we also publish four law journals, namely, Manupatra Intellectual Property Report (MIPR), Competition Law Reports (CompLR), Chartered Accountant Practice Journal (CAPJ), Energy Law Reports (ELR). With our MIPR law journal, we bring to you a comprehensive resource for IPR information together with news and views from across the world.

We also print Journal on Competition Laws which features articles, news & new developments from across the world and notes on international cases.  We also have an exclusive monthly journal (CAPJ) intended for CAs and legal and corporate professionals. We also print a journal (first and exclusive in India) on Energy laws with judgments and orders of the Supreme Court, High Courts and Appellate Tribunal for Electricity (APTEL).

What’s more, we are also the authorized agency for publishing Orders of APTEL which speaks volume about our depth in legal content. You can choose an easy subscription plan and access our journals together with the Journal on Competition Laws. You can access each of the 11 issues each of our journal publishes and with CAPJ, can access even 12 copies.